Thursday, September 13, 2018


Those of you who have been traveling this blogging journey with me from the beginning know already so much about my BOM (block of the month) pathos.  I love BOMs because they allow me to dream of beautiful quilts without the angst of fabric decisions.  That is not to say I won't weave a little of my own personality into a BOM but I love the comfort of knowing that if needed and wanted the basics arrive in the mail with the potential of success.  The reality is that the success of completion sometimes takes me month and more often years to finish.  But, I would not chose a different I love them all.

Upon arrival home from the latest Quilt Roadies adventure and knowing that the mail pile will be huge I was SHOCKED...I mean Gob Smacked that the next Autumn Harvest BOM from Buttermilk Basin wasn't in the pile...which meant for this brief period of time I...for the first time EVER was on schedule with a BOM!!!  I mean that has NEVER happened to me EVER!!!

I am so impressed with myself that I think I deserve a prize, LOL

I love this photo of G and I...
I may have to print this one off...
We have some adventures ahead 
and hope we run into some of you along the way!  
Stay positive and embrace your gifts

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