Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Recovery Room...

Yesterday the camper was cleaned and tucked away until the next adventure and we are all in recovery mode.  A girlfriend texted and asked if Enzo was happy to be home...well he walked in, flopped down with his toys and didn't move for a couple of hours, LOL...to bad he doesn't have thumbs...then he could have helped us clean out the camper!

I noticed all the specs of our camper and
 realized that it was rated for 20 Fat Quarters!!!  
I need to shop more, LOL

The thing about traveling is you miss out on a lot of things 
and how did our little guy age enough
 to grow a beard like his grandpa G?!!!

While on the road I finished this book recommended by one of my Cup Half Full book club members and I really enjoyed it...although a beach read and light hearted it did make me think about the choices in my own life...my hopes, dreams and future.  I would pass on the recommendation.

I think today I am going to relax 
and spend some time in the Bee Hive. 
 I hope you have made some Recovery Room 
time for yourself :)

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