Thursday, September 27, 2018

Keeping Busy...

I may have a clipped wing but that didn't keep me from having some fun!  Yesterday I took the bus and met Silas, his mom and Grandma Carrie at an awesome Lebanese restaurant.  The amazing thing about the grandson is that he loves savory food and helped us chow down on some delicious eats.  The other great thing is he laughs out loud at his own jokes...even if we don't get them, LOL 

 Enzo on the other hand was total worn out by playing on the beach of the Columbia River with G...yes, this old dog is feelin his age.

I did spend a bit of time stitching my big pillow by Buttermilk Basin.  I am finding that even with the injury being on the left side I still get sore just holding my project with my left hand so my right hand can stitch!  Not getting as much accomplished as I had hoped...oh well.

Today is a break from stitching but not from quilting!!! Heading to the 44th annual NW Quilting Expo  and plan on getting some video for the Quilt Roadies so stay tuned and have a wonderful Fall weekend!

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