Thursday, September 6, 2018

Faster Than The Speed Of Light...

How did it happen?  We are a week into September and the time has been marching towards 2019!  I have been busy but it is still shocking how fast this year has gone.  When I was walking down the beach and I saw someone had drawn 2018 in the sand it was a shocking eye opener!

We have been blessed with wonderfully clear air on the Quilt Roadie adventure and it has been a time of reflection and re-evaluation.  I think when you are mainly working on hand work you have more thinking time and that for me means a realignment of my desires.  What is truly important and what is enough in my life.  Living in a 20ft trailer makes life simple.

Since I forgot all my Sue Spargo threads I jumped right into block 2 of Autumn Harvest.  It is refreshing to stitch outside in the crisp ocean air. As you know I like BOM but I do like to put a little twist of my own here or there so while stitching block #2 I noticed that this tie is a nice size...I do think I might have one of my dad's old tie tacs at home. It would be fun to add that to Mr. Pumpkin's outfit!

We pull up stakes again today and head over the mountains to camp...I think I will work a bit on block #3 and then jump into a UFO!!!  Have a great weekend!

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