Tuesday, September 25, 2018

And So...

Enzo is wondering what the heck is going on...
his whole schedule has changed and mom looks funny!

But, here is the real news...This is the Toe...

...that stubbed the brick

...which made me go boom!  But, sometimes when stuff happens it gives you pause and you notice things you didn't before or you realize how very blessed life is...  I am grateful it was my left shoulder and not my right.  Yesterday a woman sitting on the street started talking to me and so I stopped because hey...a few days ago I was sitting on the street.  She asked me if I broke my paw, lol...I said yes and she sympathized with me :)  Later as I walked passed the library a woman stopped me and said she noticed I had an injury and she would like to pray for me!  I said sure...I could use all the support I can get.  You really see the good out there when you need it...and, there is good out there.  Looks like this shoulder fracture and torn rotator cuff will be a non surgical recovery...alleluia...but, it will be taking time and physical therapy.  

...and look...I still was able to finish a 
Buttermilk Basin Winter Wonderland block!  
Yes, life is good!

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