Tuesday, August 28, 2018


I can't tell you how many times I have thought...why didn't you listen to yourself?!   I think my inner voices (the whole gang) have my best interest at heart but sometimes my stubborn self insists on being in charge and I pay for it in some way. Take a look at this block and let me tell you a story...

Yesterday evening as G and I watched a movie I again lamented on how boring the thread choices were for this block...I wondered why Sylvia would chose a yellow for so much of the motifs and I wished I had chosen something different.  And it wasn't the first time as I stitched this block I wondered?  But instead, I just kept stitching until yesterday evening when I started the pink stitching and I wondered again...why.  First, let me tell you that I always package the thread for a specific block together until I am done with that block.  Well, last night I again wondered why so much yellow and I looked at the photograph and yes it looked yellow...until I realized I had green thread in the bag that wasn't being used!!!  OMG...I was depending on what I was seeing rather than what I was feeling!!!  Rather than chuck the block altogether and start over I decided to double stitch the sea grass with green.  You can't see the difference in the photo but it does add a nice depth to the block.  I am sure I will again depend on what I am seeing rather than what I am feeling but after this experience I am going to try to stop, feel and listen!

Our time at Long Beach has come to an end and we are heading off to Sauvie Island one of G and Enzo's favorite spots.  He sure made a hit at the Kite Festival...such a sweet guy (Enzo, LOL) that everyone wanted to know what kind of dog he was and if they could pet him.

Hope your week is turning out just the way you envisioned it to be and we hope to continue to find clean air and friends along the way....the adventure continues!

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