Thursday, August 2, 2018

Fabric Stalker Retreat

Thought for the weekend...hummm....what if I try this another way?  Perfect ponder for the Fabric Stalker Retreat.  There will be lots to share in the next post but for now I will make it short and sweet...having arrived yesterday afternoon we unloaded 4 cars worth of projects, sewing machines, cutting mats, tools and food!!! Immediately set up, claimed our sleeping space and started sewing!  I finished 2 pillow cases and started piecing a quilt....ahhhhhh...what a glorious feeling.  It seems ages since I have felt this kind of quilting satisfaction! I did take come Quilt Roadie video on our trip over and once G and I cross paths again, LOL...he will have some editing to do!  Laser cut quilting motifs!!!  wow was that ever interesting!  And through our extraordinary planning we are here in Newport the weekend of the their local Quilt Show! epic Fabric Stalker retreat!  Stay tuned :)

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