Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Fabric Stalker Retreat 2018

It had been a while since so many of us could attend a retreat.  With 8 attending we were definitely cozy.  Everyone was working, eating and sleeping at our individual paces and that is the relaxing part of  the Fabric Stalker retreats.  For those of you who are new to this blog...the Stalkers have been quilting together since the mid 90's.  In the beginning we were nurses and doctors that worked together...our children were young and quilting became a way to relax and hang together.  Over time we added 3 family members, a sister, daughter and aunt.  We used to meet for a monthly day of stitching but that went by the way side as the kids grew to adulthood, married had children of their own and life ramped up with the "need to do's".   The last 10 years some of us became caregivers for our parents.  Which made these retreats especially a gift.  This year the weather was perfect in Newport, Oregon which made for wonderful walks on the beach inbetween bouts of quilting.

Mr. Winkie is our mascot who started following us to retreat every since he arrived into our lives at a retreat to Prineville.  We caught him trying on Dale's scissor cover!!!

We aged well together and 
have made some awesome quilts together.

 Here is a photo of Jane with her pile of squares...
hiding in the corner, LOL

Lindsey, who will be giving birth 
to our very first Fabric Stalker member baby, 
LOL is nesting by making a king sized quilt for their bed.

There will be a future video on the Quilt Roadies but now I have a lot to finish up that I started on at retreat!  Plus a Quilt Show and quilt shop visit! So stay tuned!

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