Thursday, August 30, 2018

A Bit Of This...A Bit Of That...

Sauvie Island on the Columbia River at 26,000 acres is one of the largest river islands in the United States.  It is predominately agricultural and wildlife refugee.  There are many U-Pick farms on the island and also is home to The Pumpkin Patch which features a giant corn maze starting in Fall. 

There are miles of beaches which are shared by boaters, fishermen, paddle boarders, kayakers and just those wanting to enjoy the sun.  We love to camp at the Reeder Beach park as it has a great view of the river and you can see giant floating tankers delivering goods to the US from all over the world.  Also there is a giant osprey nest on a piling right off of our campsite and the babies are fun to watch.

Being a farming community it is very busy right now as they clean the berry and vegetable fields for the end of the season.  When I saw this Mr. & Mrs McCluck I could just imagine  their conversation...wondering if the kids were doing ok at the first day back to school?! LOL 

The best advantage to camping here is that we are only 10 miles from downtown Portland!!!  And that meant we got a grandson fix.  I swear  that  if a couple of weeks has passed between visits  a leap in personality has occurred.    

Yesterday as we enjoyed the waning days of summer...(and I could tell they were waning as the leaves were dropping off the trees)  I remembered that our picnic quilt was one that I bought for Silas's dad when he was only about 10 years old at a "junk" shop for $25.  I remember telling G that you couldn't buy the fabric for that!!!  That quilt not only was enjoyed on our son's bed for a few years but it also has been our picnic/beach blanket!

We pull up stakes for our next destination tomorrow...
enjoying the last bit of summer!  Take care!

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