Thursday, July 5, 2018

Thursday Muses

I have been totally immersed in the Bee Hive, prepping and organizing.  Our local weather has been a bit cooler than I would like...but, it has helped me focus!  It is nice to still see some snow on the mountains.  Sometimes this time of year it is hard to stitch when the outside is calling.


I received this orchid on Mother's Day and am so happy how it has continued to bloom.  Not knowing a thing about how to take care of orchids, Laura said she was told to put 3-4 ice cubes in the pot every week and it has worked!  Aren't they beautiful!

One of the projects I am working on if from Bonnie Sullivan's QuiltMania book.  We are attending a wedding in September...the bride's mother is a dear friend and I was the nurse at the birth of her 3rd child who is the bride :)...hard to believe how much time has passed.  She and her future husband just finished building their first home and I wanted to make a special wedding gift.  It was really hard to pick a project because this book is packed with wonderful things to make.

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