Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The British Are Here!!! + Winners!!!

Yesterday was a fun filled day!  A tour group of British Quilters who are spending the week in Sisters, Oregon stopped by to visit The Bee Hive!!!  I swear it is the cleanest it has been in months, LOL!!!

The group numbered 40 plus and so we divided them into 2 groups with half the group starting at Jean Wells and June Jaegers house and the other half at my house.  After an hour the groups switched homes.  I asked my neighbor Suzanne to help me with "Vanna White" duties while Dale (a Fabric Stalker) did a little quilt show of her fabulous quilts!  It was so fun to watch these quilters from across the pond have the same reactions to Dale's quilts that I have!!!  Once we were all done the group made their way to the clubhouse for a delicious coffee/pastries by Fika Coffee and more quilts to enjoy by neighbors  Deni & Hal and friends.

Yes, it was the perfect way to start the best week of the quilting life!

And now...the moment you have been waiting for...be sure if you are a winner to contact me with a mailing address :)  The winners of the charm pack is Elizabeth Mears...how funny, she is from the UK!!!  I wonder if any of these visiting quilters knows her?  The winner of the Men Behind The Quilt Calendar is Deb Anderson!!!  And, the final winner of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Poster is Sandi H.!!!  Congratulations and stay tuned for more giveaways and all the fun on the Quilt Roadies!

And, this sweet gift from one of the British Quilters
 has a great message for us all!

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