Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Retreat Time

After a wonderful week of Quilt Show I chose to take a break in Napa and visit family. We have a new baby girl in the family and it is so exciting...and dare I say she is the cutest baby in the world!!! My sister is over the moon! 

Staying at my sister's house is like checking into a wonderful resort...so relaxing.  Napa is a perfect environment to try new  foods being such a foodie place.  When her girlfriends met us at a Thai place I chose the charcoal infused noodles!!!  Well...they are black, a color both Enzo, G and I associate with my cooking...and...they were delicious!  Trying something different is good for one's life.  

It was such a treat when we stopped at Broadway Quilts in Sonoma where we ran into a subscriber of the Quilt Roadies.  In a future blog post I will share the absolutely adorable wallet/clutch she made for me and the wise advise that came with it!  Oh and just to let you know...this is the shop where I bought that absolutely adorable and fantastic sewing chair!

The best part of a quilt break was being with my grands.  My oldest grand is such a sweet soul and he loved his new shirt that his Emo (my sister) sent for him.  I plan on teaching him to make pillow cases in the future :)

...and of course there is this little munchkin 
which has the self assuredness of a 
future ruler of a kingdom of his own design, LOL

Until Thursday and we meet again...
have a wonderful time trying something new!

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