Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Yin ~ Yang

In Chinese Philosophy, the yin and yang describe how seemingly opposites or contrary forces may actually be interconnected,  interdependent and even complimentary in the natural world...and may even give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.  I may have found the explanation to the life I am living.  

City & Country, Quilting & Cross Stitch, Yin & Yang

This last week I have been in the city and G has been in the country, as we talk each evening the Yin and Yang of our lives is apparent.  I talk of all the hundred of characters walking the streets...

...and he shares that 2 cars drove by our house today, LOL!  When you need peace, the country may be the answer.  My Labrador Retriever brain immediately started bouncing around the Yin and Yang of my life where I have chosen to live...and...my creative outlets.  Quilting ~ Cross Stitching...WOW...it is a creative manifestation of the Yin and Yang philosophy!!!  I had no idea I was in such balance!  I always thought I was running around in craziness, drowning in projects, overwhelmed by my desire to start new creations, my compulsion in stitching...when in fact...I was a embodiment of an ancient philosophy!!!  I think I need to go shopping!!!

I leave you with this thought...embrace your Yin and Yang!

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