Thursday, June 28, 2018


Robin and I were talking about our previous employment days and how it seemed we were so much more productive...or,  I should I was more productive.  She is always productive and I think it is because she still maintains somewhat the same schedule as when she was working.  Whereas I am now sleeping more, LOL.

In our final few years of work we both were on the day shift...she would get up at 3:30 am...yes, I said AM and walk her dog, then come home and stitch/sew before heading into work for a 0530 start time.  I would get up at 0400 and sometimes sew until I left for work or mix it up with going to the gym and then sewing before work.  These 15-30 min. early sewing sessions seem to create a finished quilt!  

Fast forward to retirement from the hospital and for me there is more sleeping in and less project completion...for Robin, she is still getting up and sewing!  I mean we are talking 10 hour shifts and yet I seemed to get more done!  So, last week I happened to wake up at 0400 and rather than roll over and go back to sleep I decided to see what would happen if I just went up to The Bee Hive.  Holy Stitching Batman...I was able to stitch a binding and hanging sleeve onto a quilt which is now all ready for tacking down before G got up and made coffee!  I think there is something really magical about sewing in the early morning times when the rest of the world is sleeping and the earth is not turning so fast on it's axis...what do you think???

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