Thursday, June 14, 2018

Oh No...

I think I need an intervention!!!  I have been on a quilt fast for over a week and it seems I am compelled to continue the fast for another week!  This @#$%& cross stitch has sucked me in emotionally and it takes to much energy to fight it.  For those of you who have been hanging with me since the beginning you know my patterns and emotions...for those of you who are new... can be a wild ride.  

To give you a little background (sorry to those of you who have heard this song before)  I have a slight ADHD personality with a big dose of compulsion.  So, if I get my teeth and emotion on something... sometimes I can't let go.  Example...never having played tennis I decided to get on my college tennis team...why?  I have no idea but the summer before my Freshman year I played 8 hours a day and made the team my first Fall at continues on...but, lets just say, I have played a grand piano on stage...I only learned one song but it was 4 pages to my credit...I had a desire to be in a play and tried out for a musical (in my 40's) and was in 8 performances ( so much fun) our director was a Grammy Award winning composer.  One year I got a bee in my bonnet...and decided to run a marathon, for 6 months I ran all over the hills and mountains of Central Oregon and then ran the Portland in ran the whole way!  So, you can see a trend here and this is only the short list. It is not an exaggeration to say I really enjoyed the movie Forest Gump!  But, this explains my recent behavior.  Sometimes, when I get my teeth sunk into something I am all in until I'm done and I might as well not fight it and just enjoy the ride.  I don't want to waste my time worrying about what I am up to and just enjoy the

     I Don't Need An Intervention,
 I just Need To Relax!

See, I knew if I talked and wrote this post I would settle down! Thanks for listening :) What I am not happy about is GMAIL...I have still to figure out why I am no longer getting  mail...but, I can't spend time trying to figure it out because I need to cross stitch so I can get back to quilting! Cause you know what happens if you don't sew!!!

The last few days has been lovely 
I hope you are safe and stitching!  
And Thank You for listening!

Bee Happy to Bee You

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