Tuesday, June 19, 2018


I have to say the one trait that I love and hate about myself is the belief that I can accomplish so much more in the 5th Dimension than in reality.  I think I am most comfortable in the 5th Dimension where I can create a world of stitching accomplishment,  LOL.  I had hoped that if I only brought this cross stitch project to Portland I would get it finish, thus framed and hung before the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show and I would feel all smug when visitors came over, ROFLOL.  Humility is truly the best trait in a person because the realities of the this world...well...you know what I am talking about.  

I am not even half way there...but since I am in Portland I put a Bird On It, LOL  And...I am entering a danger zone today...making a visit to Acorn & Threads my favorite cross stitch shop in the Portland Area.

My excuse and it is a good one is that I have been having to much fun with my youngest grandson! And, by the end of the day literally falling into my chair in the evening zones out on You Tube videos, LOL

I wanted to share one of our families 1st birthday traditions...a Korean tradition  (Tol) that is steeped in love and hope for the future.  A beautiful outfit (Dol-Bak) that is shared within our family was sent up by my cousin Janet who's son wore it on his  1st birthday.  Here is how it is played out...the child is dressed and without showing him ahead of time 4 items are placed in a row...Money (he shall live a life of success) Pencil (he shall be a scholar & gifted in the arts) brushes (he will be a hard worker) and Thread (he shall live a long life...or as I was hoping be a quilter!)

When his father turned him around and put him down he without hesitation walked right over to the pencils! which is what his uncles chose at his Tol.  Silas's family is steeped in the arts so his Grandpa Lyle liked that he chose the pencils.

He was happy with his choice. 
(his father chose the money and is an accountant, lol)

Have a wonderful day...
come tomorrow it will be back to quilting for me!

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