Thursday, June 7, 2018

Coming or Going...?

I have been on the in, I don't know if I am coming or going?!  A life that is somewhat out of, when I was lying in the tub getting some quiet time and I saw my feet...I yelled for G to bring me my phone!  My feet represented exactly what I was feeling...I am coming and going in the "round a bout" of life...or, maybe they look like a bear claw donut, ROFLOL...anyhoo...I had to take a photo and share...don't you feel lucky...

I have been on a cross stitching binge and watching latest favorite is Comedians in Cars.  Jerry Seinfeld is hysterical and the episode with Trevor Noah made me laugh...I love when something makes me belly laugh.

A couple of weeks ago I was at my friend Anne's house and fell in love with her Bee Hive corner!  I posted these photos individually instead of a slide show so that you could click on them to enlarge.  She has a real knack for displaying little vignettes.

I need to make more bowl fillers!

So dang cute!

Yep....I think a small project now and
 then is good for one's emotional quilting state of mind :)

I guess today I am on the going end of coming and going...hope my feet can keep up, LOL...Have a great weekend!  Oh and I hear that my episode on The Quilt Show will be some time next week...the one we filmed in Colorado at the studio!