Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Tuesday Thoughts

I don't know how the weather is in your world but in mine...it has been fantastic!  And so beings "Porch Time"!!!  We ALL love porch time...the big decision is whether to sit on the back porch or the front porch.  Enzo loves the game, "Treat Hunt."  We throw treats out into the grass and he has to find them...boy does he have a great nose, LOL.  Once he finds all the treats then it is time for a Siesta :)

I am going to be attending and working at the International Quilt Market so there will not be a Thursday post.  G and I will be videoing for the Quilt Roadies and I will be posting an article for The Quilt Show...and next week an update here...so, stay tuned!

Saturday the Fabric Stalkers came out to the house for a stitch day and it was soul filling.  We had not been together in quite a while...life, family, work...well, it all seems to fill up the calendar. But, what we did realize is that we NEED to make the time for each other.  Strength in numbers :)

Once we caught up on each others family lives it was time to discuss projects...and you know...nothing has changed!  We still have more than we can ever possibly finish and we love them all.  When I dragged out the cross stitch box...oh yes, I have a cross stitch project box I was driven to start a new project!!!  There is something so exciting about starting a new project.  This is going to be my mystery cross stitch project, lol.  I am going to post my progress without giving any information until it is almost done.  I finished the first motif...can you guess what it is?

Have a great rest of the week and we will be sharing lots in the next few days!