Thursday, May 10, 2018

The City Life 2

Now that I am sitting in the quiet of my little town I can reflect on the differences with the city life...I thought I would share some of the more interesting sights and I wish I had a photo of these but...when your mouth is opened and your brain is going...what the heck? just don't think about taking a photo, LOL

The front wall is all glass from floor to ceiling so you really have a view on the world.  I watched a gentleman walk down the sidewalk with his bag of groceries and his golden retriever was carrying a giant bag of Cheetos by the top...swing back and forth, LOL

Early one morning a man was walk down the street with a cup of coffee playing a harmonica...and he was good!

I did make a trip to Fabric Depot and it has a totally different feel.  Although the isles are larger and it is easier to maneuver around  it seemed there was a whole lot less fabric and for the first time ever I couldn't find what I was looking for!  Then I saw a product I use regularly and thought I would pick it up...and was stunned.  What I normally pay in my local quilt shop is $ Fabric Depot it was $37!!!! about mark up! NO WAY...I'll wait till I get to the local store :)

Before we headed up we went to the Farmers Market and discovered the best chocolate EVER!!! And, it was Vegan and Gluten free:)  You can mail order at Missionary Chocolates  A bunch of different new favorite!

But the best part of the city life was seeing 
my sons and their families.  

Have a wonderful week...I have stitching in my forecast :)