Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Quilting on the HQ Sweet 16


  1. Great video Anna! Your quilting turned out beautifully. I thought you had a Long Arm machine and I was surprised to see the Sweet 16! I am wondering how you like it? (I love that you can sit and quilt with these!)
    Looking forward to your quilt show videos!!

  2. Hi Anna.....LOVED this (and all) your videos! I was chuckling when you said "it's a masterpiece in my own mind". My husband said "what are you laughing about?". I told him that I really enjoy your videos and you! What a treat! You are so cute and so real. What fun watching you work in your beehive! Had a question for you: I, too, have a Sweet Sixteen and was wondering if you ever have a problem with the needle being gummed up when you use fusible batting? Also, I had a terrible time getting the tension figured out when using fusible batting. Did this happen to you? Thanks for being you and please keep up the good work!!!! We had a motorhome years ago (before my quilting days) and I can relate to your travels. Enjoy and please keep us entertained - it is appreciated! Lana

  3. You snuck in a second post and I didn't see it until today and forgot to look at it until tonight!

    I think I'd love to have a machine similar to that one, I may have to see the one my LQS has and try a test drive of it!

    Enjoy the market with Stacy and bring back lots of video, stories and tips!

  4. Another wonderful video Anna. You do make me laugh!Also love your t-shirts!