Tuesday, May 8, 2018

City Life

We got out of Sisters just in the knick of time...it is controlled burn season where the Forest Service works on the health of the forest...burning the under brush and hopefully keeping our forest and little town secure during fire season.  I already saw in the news that there was a big  forest fire started in Arizona because of an untended campfire!

Up to Portland we headed to visit the sons and the grands.  And as luck would have it a stitching friend from Bend was up here at the same time.  She grew up in Portland and knows the ins and outs of where to shop antiques!!!

I found a wonderful little treasure trove to add to The Bee Hive!  Leslie has a real knack for decorating and putting vignettes together in her home and so I was hoping some of that creativity would rub off on me!  I can't wait to get home and see if I can add these wonderful items to my decor.

if you want to see how creative Leslie is...just check out grammiecrew  on Instagram!

We'll be heading home soon and I am excited to get working on some quilts in the Bee Hive!  Hope you have made time for your creative spirit!


  1. What wonderful treasures. Especially the min stove that looks quite similar to your parents stove. I'd have a hard time passing it up. Glad you found it!

    Safe journey home on your rerun trip.

  2. Love the little stove. I know you are always busy when here, but maybe we can plan lunch or stitching sometime. I spent the say sewing at Fabric Depot with my quilt guild and thought that you would have enjoyed it. First Sunday of the month. $10.00. Only need your project and sewing machine

  3. The little oven is to die for. But is that a tiny, tiny wonderful scale in the background??? Nice.

  4. I am glad you got some grand baby time, always the best. Looks like you found some fun goodies.