Thursday, May 3, 2018

Busy Bee in the Bee Hive

I have been spending some time in the Bee Hive getting a few UFOs and PIGs a step closer to completion.  There is a giddy feeling when you actually move a project from dream to reality. My pile of projects to be quilted is getting taller...maybe I'll need some help to get everything done, LOL

This pattern by Edyta Sitar just spoke to me...the leaves were all laser cut which made this wall hanging so fast and enjoyable and moved it from PIGs to done!

I must have been on a Laundry Basket Quilts kick because I decided I needed to make this pumpkin was a BOM by Homestead Hearth and has now moved from UFO to the quilt pile :)

...and the latest was this wonderful wall hanging.  The whale is artwork by Dan Sineti which was made into a laser cut piece by Lisa Moore of Quilts With A Twist.

Yep, the Bee Hive has been buzzing...but, I did take a break and spend some time with The Berries my stitch group in Sisters.  It was a beautiful day with lovely people...and I have to say there was more talking than stitching which is just the way I love it! Plus we toasted to a wonderful day with Organic Greens, LOL...nothing like Organic Greens in a wine glass!

Feeling so energized by the Organic Greens I was inspired by Ginn's English Paper Piecing project!  OMG I was so amazed by her creations and can't wait to see it all put together.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend planned and that it includes some stitching...we all have UFO's that need to move to the quilting pile :)


  1. I know you machine appliquéd the pumpkins, did you also do that for the umbrella and leaves piece and the whale? Love the water current swirls in the whale piece!

    Are all Ginn's English paper piecing blocks the same ore are there several different shapes that fit together? So many interesting quilt patterns out there for that technique!

  2. Appears you most definitely have been one busy bee!!

  3. Fabulous stitching ....they look great 👍👍😊😊

  4. It looks like you have been keeping busy, really beautiful quilting.


  5. Rose C

    Watching you from the Bee Hive is just the best. Sometimes I find myself nodding my head and going uh-huh. Thanks so much Anna.