Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Tutto ciò su cui puoi contare è il cambiamento

We are on count down to our youngest and his family moving and although there are so many blessings related to this move for them I can't help but feel a loss.  I know intellectually  that  we are only talking about 3 hours...but...there was something comforting about having family in the same town, a real emotional and physical comfort.  And, this experience has made me reflect so much on what my mother must have gone through when we decided to move to Oregon...a 13 hour drive away.  It is true you really do not get it until you experience it first hand. 

So what does this have to do with anything...well, to ease the transition I have been keeping busy...filling my calendar.  I have been spending time with Silas, scheduled a massage, scheduled a facial, set up sew dates, signed up for a half marathon and I have been working on projects!  And, actually finishing some!

I am so tickled to have finished this sweet cross stitch that was gifted to me by girlfriend.  I found the perfect frame at the craft store.

I also had to finish my postcard donation for the Wish Upon A Card Fundraiser.  Each instructor donates at least one card which is framed by  High Desert Frameworks and then auctioned.  The framing really is amazing and makes the postcards worthy of hanging up.

Yes, Life  is about change, challenges and adventure 
and so lets journey together.

My Boys