Thursday, March 22, 2018


oh brother...did I ever have a brain fart!  I woke up early, then took a loooong bath...then spent some time chatting with G...was so excited to have a stitch day with friends that I totally forgot to post a blog!!!  Sorry :)

It will be short and sweet...although as luck would have it what I was going to write about was about the girlfriend who I am stitching with today and she received the most wonderful gift at breakfast the other day!

Leslie's birthday is at the end of the month so if you follow her on Instagram Grammie Crew you can wish her a Happy you will be treated to an ongoing stitch show!!!

Anyhoo, a dear friend who is a crazy stitching queen made her the most wonderful pillow and incorporated the many old buttons that Leslie had gifted to her :)

Please click on the photos for a closer is absolutely gorgeous!

I think she likes it!!

Have a wonderful day and weekend...
I hope those in the middle of storms are
 warm, safe and stitching!