Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Sweet Sisters + An Exciting Plan!

Living in Sisters is a blessing...life is just a bit slower than the big city down the road, lol.  We have a herd of town deer who hang out in the winter but, last week as I passed the Village Green a flock of turkeys cause a traffic jam (the traffic jam was my car).  They were heading to the edge of town...at least 15 of them!!!  

I met a couple of besties for shopping at the The Stitchin' Post and coffee at the The Sisters Coffee.  The Barista made me an almond milk latte...and I know the love was being passed on...but, I don't know...it looks more like a beet :)  What do you think??? 

I decided yesterday that I wanted to know a bit more about the quilters hanging out with me here, on The Quilt Roadies and Anna & G On The Road and so, I am excited about my new idea!  I am going to contact someone (a quilter) with a series of questions and post the answers and pictures I obtain once a month here.  That way we can get to know a bit more about each other!!! Stay tuned!!