Thursday, March 8, 2018

Postcards & Tonye Belinda Phillips

One of the special blessings of living in Central Oregon is the availability of Quilt Artists.  Last week when I was checking out The Stitchin Post I stumbled into a class being taught by Tonye Belinda Phillips.  An amazing designer and stitcher...she is also a wonderful teacher.  The class she was teaching was the construction of the fabric postcard.  And, yes you can send these cards through the mail they just have to be hand stamped by the post office.

One of the fundraisers for the arts in Sisters is the auctioning of postcards that are made by quilters around the world!  The Wish Upon A Card Fundraiser would love all donated cards for the juried and silent auction.  Each of the Quilter's Affair teachers also donate a card which is then framed by Myrna of High Desert Frameworks...who donates the labor and frames!

This is the card I made last year...I am stitching away on the card for this years donation because the deadline to turn in postcards is April 15!!

Here are some postcard samples that Tonye
 brought to inspire her students!

They are so much fun to make and 
also are a wonderful gift!  
Have a great weekend!


  1. Love these....thanks for this share Anna.

  2. Tonye has such a whimsical sense of design. I'd have a hard time trying to choose which one I would want to get of hers.

    Yours is so pretty, can't wait to see what your one this year looks like Anna.

  3. I love fabric postcards and fun to be able to take a class. I made a few, but forgot how i did it, will have to find another tutorial and try some again, great way to practice my machine skills too. Your card is beautiful, love how you framed it.


  4. I love to make fabric postcards and I am always looking for some new ideas. Your postcard from last year is gorgeous and was framed beautifully.