Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Chit Chat Tuesday

Although both G and I were grieving about not being able to head out when we wanted to...there is definitely an upside to this disruption.  We got a whole lot more family time which is a blessing...and, there has been more girlfriend time.  Also, I have to admit the time in the Bee Hive has ramped up the stitching activity, LOL  

Also, the Bee Hive time has not been an organized peaceful process...I have been just like a ADD quilter running from one project box to another...but it sure has been fun.

G and I decided to rearrange our lives a little and have dismantled one guest room and turned it into a music room for him.  I am soooo excited for him to have a creative space.  I get so much inspiration whenever I head into the Bee Hive and I so want that for him.

I spent part of yesterday with a girlfriend and she was all ready for Easter!  which happens to be few days away...and how funny that Easter lands on April Fools day, LOL  Isn't her table centerpiece adorable!

I also finished another book.  I did enjoy the read but what I can tell you is...it is not a stand alone book.  You really have to start with the first book in this series, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and read your way to this final book in the series.  Otherwise you will be lost in all the interweaving relationships.

Well, that is it for today...be safe and be stitching!