Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Tuesday Thoughts

G and I decided we might need a vacation from our schedule, LOL...Since coming home we have been swamped with life.  February was designated as our get the work and business done so we can take the Quilt Roadies on the road.   But, it is looking more and more like take off will be later than we thought...dang.  But, it does give me more time to get my quilt show quilts done.  I still have to make my postcard.  Each of the Quilter's Affair instructors makes a postcard to be auctioned off in support of arts in the schools.   So, a lot on my "needs to be done" list before we hit the road.

I did have an opportunity to stop by and enjoy the February exhibit at QuiltWorks It was great to see the work of a long time local quilter Nikki Cooper.  I love these shows because they show the breathe of a persons work and you can see their quilting life from the beginning.  You can click on Nikki's bio and get to know her before you watch the slide show.  Have a great quilting Tuesday! And, a day of receiving and sharing love...as my mom used to say...Valentines Day should be everyday.

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