Thursday, February 1, 2018

Thursdays Thoughts

WOW...the first month of 2018 is done!  February has begun...G is a groundhog baby so we usually start celebrating at the get go in February.  I wish G was feeling better but alas this virus is a bad one and he is still trying to shake it!  It is not the flu but I swear it is as bad as the flu!  So, I decided I had better embrace my word of the year...Mindfulness.  If there is one thing illness does is make life slow down and I think recovery may be assisted by mindfulness.

I headed into Bend yesterday to Sew Many Quilts with a couple of girlfriends to take a Mystery Class.  Back in the 90's we were Mystery Quilt Addicts and we especially loved Debbie Caffrey mysteries.  We must have made a dozen of her patterns.  It was fun to relive a bit of the past.

Here are a couple of photos of the end result...I of course am no where near completion.  But it was fun to see what is ahead of us :)

My fabric choices were out of my stash!  Yes, I decided this quilt was a stash buster quilt, lol.  I am using Christmas fabrics which means I am a step ahead of that holiday!!!

Have a wonderful weekend, be safe and be take a close look at your word for the year :)