Thursday, February 15, 2018

Heart Month

I hope you all had a nice Valentine's is hard to believe we are already half way through February?!  February is heart month and so G and I went and had an EBT scan done as part of our quest for a healthy life.  EBT is short for Electron Beam Tomography.  It takes 5 minutes and doesn't require any prep.  The down side is it is not covered by insurance...the is only $99.  Which is a deal to find out if you have plaque in your arteries.     I am sharing this with you because G and I took a few moments out of our lives to have the scan and guess what, he has ZERO plaque in his arteries...not so good for me.  It wasn't a surprise because of my family history.   But, I was crossing my fingers during the scan.  My score was 25 which is mild but there is plaque.  I was so happy that I was already on the path to changing habits and this just reaffirmed that what I am doing is only going to help me.  With the support of G, my son and DIL and the book recommended by them..."How Not To Die" (great title) I am ready to get rid of the plaque without medicine!  I have so many projects that I need at least another 20 years!!!  I encourage you all...because I care about get an EBT scheduled!

I am taking a little break from my sewing and going to go play with my sister.  I plan on working on some cross stitch!!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!