Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Give Thanks!!!

I am giving thanks that this UFO is ready for quilting!  You can click on the photo to enlarge and see all my fancy stitching.  I didn't want to over stitch it but added just enough extra to make it gobble!!! LOL  I am quite proud of myself because it was not a kit.  I chose the background fabrics using a variety of flannel and all of the wool in out of my stash!!  This quilt will be hanging in the Teacher's Tent at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show and if you are interested in the pattern or kit you can find it at Buttermilk Basin one of my favorite designers :)

I continue to tweak and organize the Bee Hive.  A couple of months ago I spent the day stitching with the Fabric Stalkers in the new sewing room of one of our members.  She had added on a beautiful room that included enough space for everyone to stitch, a spot for her sewing table, cutting table and long arm...with a mountain view!  The best part of visiting sewing rooms is the ideas you get for organizing and storing your own space.  I was prepping a project and needed a little piece of wool and she directed me to these little baskets where her wool scraps were divided by color.  I loved the idea and decided to figure out how I could do that in my own sewing room.  Of course I have a lot more scraps than she did and they were all stuffed in gallon plastic bags which meant I had to dump them out when searching for that perfect piece!  I found some bigger plastic baskets at Target and they fit on my bookshelf just perfectly!!!  We don't have much of a moth problem but I'll place a sprig of lavender in the bottom of each one.  I could feel the stress just roll off my stitching back!

Wishing you a healthy week, 
filled with friendship and stitching!