Thursday, February 8, 2018

Beyond The Surface

A few years ago when Crimson Tweed was published I fell in love with it!  What didn't grab me was the color scheme.  At the time Crimson Tweed didn't have any embellishment stitching!  Yes, this book was before Sue went crazy with the stitches!!!  Every time I saw this book I was so tempted...but took a pass.

Enter Monica and The Olde World Quilt Shoppe where she is the BOM moderator for the Crimson Tweed BOM.  The color and tone of the quilt is more on the tan scale and Monica is embellishing each block with all that she has learned from the Sue Classes she has taken.

Here are some of the blocks she has already completed...time for me to start prepping!

Sometimes looking beyond the surface 
possibilities come alive!

Have a great day 
and may the weekend be filled with stitching!