Thursday, January 4, 2018

Precious Cargo

Ok I admit it...what is precious to me may not be precious to someone else...I get it!  We had a very smooth trip without a hiccup except initially at the Portland Airport G had TSA precheck and I did my bag had to be examined.  Of course it may have looked suspicious to anyone but another stitcher.  I have been told that you pack your carry on bag with the stuff you can't live without.  Which meant my bag was packed with my stitching projects, my threads and stitching supplies!!!...and of course my stitching pillow.  

I again am grateful for being alive during this time where I can receive photos via text of my grandson and also of Enzo who is comfortable at home with a friend who is house sitting :)  I know Enzo is having a blast but I am sure Silas is bereft at not seeing his nana and G!!!

Let the adventure begin!!!