Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New Year! Announcements

2017 was a E-Ticket Ride for you oldies...E-Tickets were the most impressive rides at Disneyland when I was a kid :)...in other words is was a wild ride!!!  Weather wise, Politics, business and socially...I have not heard of one person who said they want to go through 2017 again.  But, for us we had some wonderful Quilt Roadie adventures, the birth of our latest grandson and some substantial finishes on the UFO front!

But, I do have to say...I am hoping for a less volatile 2018.  My word for the year is Mindfulness.  I think with Mindfulness will come peace and maybe some more finishes out of the Bee Hive!!!  You can read more about my word for 2018 on The Quilt Show Daily Blog tomorrow if you are interested.

I am going to continue with the Instagram hashtag boards so if you want to join me when you post a photo to Instagram and it fits the specific board...just # it :)  So here are the 2018 hashtag boards.

I plan on making 2018 a homemade Christmas and my goal is to make gift items each month of the year so as to not be paniced come November, LOL  Each time I finish a gift item I will post it to #beehivechristmaschallenge this board will serve as a "hope chest" of Christmas gifts!

The second Instagram board will be #2018UFOquiltchallenge on this board you can post quilt progress on any "UFO" you are working on...thus we will encourage each other with some block progress!

The third Instagram board is #2018beehivequiltchallenge This board will include any finished top whether it is quilted or not!!!

I think it will be a great way to encourage each other and to see our own progress :)

I am tickled that I have lost 102 yards of fabric on my continued quest in my journey towards a healthier life and plan on to just continue on this path through 2018.

The Woolie Blog will have sporadic postings during the first 3 weeks of January.  And Quilt Roadies will most likely be offline until the last week of January but then you will be in for some wonderful videos!  We will be posting on Instagram and Facebook throughout January so that is a way to see what we are up too! Also be sure to check in on The Daily Blog on Wednesday for regular postings of Anna & G On The Road!

 The 2017 slideshow recap is not a complete one...there were some photos I couldn't find (oh brother) and if I included every highlight you would need lots of coffee, vitamins and rations to watch it....soooo here is the short version of the year!  Know that you are all an important and cherish part of our lives and we appreciate the company on this journey.

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  1. Happy New Year Anna! Nice smilebox show. You are one incredible, creative lady and I am so blessed to call you my friend. Hugs, Nola

  2. Wonderful slideshow of some great memories trips and events Anna. Seize the new year with joy and enthusiasm for each new adventure and bend in the road!

  3. How fun it has been to follow along on your adventures this past year! I look so forward to getting your posts and when they do come.. I drop what I am doing and grab a cup of tea to sit and enjoy a moment of bliss! THANK YOU!! for taking us along on your fun journeys! (and it touched my heart soo much that you made time to stop and visit with Hailie and I this past year! Love You Anna!!

  4. Ran across your "snowy days" on pinterest. It is adorable !! Any chance you could share pattern information. Thank you.

  5. Wonderful pictures. You certainly have many wonderful memories that were made this last year; and some beautiful finished projects too! That boardwalk photo and eclipse are wonderful; and ohhh that handsome new grandson, I see you in him. Enjoy what is to come in 2018!!

  6. Anna & G - I smiled all the way through your wonderful memories. If you only knew how I enjoy your postings! Thanks for sharing....

  7. Totally awesome compilation of 2017’s photo journey!

  8. Loved it, looking forward to 2018.. We are expecting our first great grandson... Blessings on the new year..

  9. Looks like you had a wonderful 2017! Beautiful family and stunning quilts. I hope 2018 will be even better!