Thursday, December 7, 2017

Give Away Day 5! (Day 4 winner)

The Day 4 winner is....

Wooley Girl!!
email me your mail address :)

Remember to participate please be a subscriber of the Woolie Blog and a follower of Quilt Roadies! Leave a comment on this blog you are interested and check back tomorrow to see who the winner is!!

Day 5 Give away is adorable!!!

Yesterday was a busy one...Enzo had a doctor visit and his tail is healing  up nicely.  I am spraying bitter apple on his tail so he won't lick it...cause the collar of shame is not his favorite fashion statement.  G and I both had eye appointments and are getting new prescription sunglasses for the 2018 Quilt Roadies Adventure.  Our doctor told me I have two perfectly circular floaters in my right eye...I have decided because they are so perfect I am going to name them Dave and Stewart, LOL

Today is filled with things to get done...wish me luck at whittling away at my list!  I hope your list is shorter and that it includes some stitching!