Thursday, November 2, 2017


I cannot believe it is November!!!  How did that happen??? Pretty soon I will have to start thinking about my 2018 Word to live by!  Do you remember the word you chose for 2017?  I chose let go of those people, thought processes, and things that I don't want in my life.  I did a pretty good job...and it is one of those words that may have to be a life word :)

Even though it's been a little crazy around here I just had to take a break and hang with some stitching friends.  I have been attaching and tacking down binding with the help of my new girlfriend Mi na who was a birthday gift.  She looks like one of my cousins :) and was so helpful in making my binding behave!

I had to show you this adorable baby quilt that Pat is making for her newest grandchild.  She is hand appliqueing the leaves in the border and swears that it is so much better appliqueing after the quilting is all done!!!  Click on the photo to enlarge :)

Will be playing with a bestie and my sister for the next few days so plan on concentrating on my cross stitch and a embroidery project!  Hope you have cozy stitching days ahead!