Thursday, November 16, 2017

Mile by Mile

Short but sweet today...Mile by Mile I got closer to home...First stop was Portlandia where it was raining...duh...LOL... I couldn't wait to get home and just sit in my Bee Hive but it was fun to hang out with G and Enzo in Portland.  I was excited to see they were putting up the Pioneer Square Christmas Tree...I love it when downtown Portland is all decked out for the holidays.  When I am back here in December it will be beautiful :)

Enzo was as happy as G to see me...
it is a warm fuzzy to be missed :) 
and I missed them!!!

It feels so awesome to be stitchin'  I can't wait to to make headway on some UFO's and WiPs and have some girlfriend time.  I love traveling but coming home is a blessing!

Have a wonderful Thursday...filled with peace and stitching!