Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tickled Pink!

I am tickled pink over my find at the Dakota Quilt Company !!!  Dave, who's wife owns the quilt shop is a real Buttermilk Basin fan and asked him to build a frame for the Stacy's mini truck mat patterns.  Since I am also a fan of those mini mats I had to have one.  They are made of a white washed wood that can either stand on a shelf or hang on a wall.

I decided to see if I could use sticky foam core board to mount my mats and then just be able to switch out these cute seasonal mats.  I took the template that arrived in the frame and used it to cut my foam core board.

Then I peeled the paper off the sticky side.

I then pressed my mat to the sticky side and voila!  We live in dry climate so I am not sure how long my wool mat will stick to the foam core but if it does let loose I will just use some command stickers which work great in our area!  I love the look and the option to display some of my work in a different way!  He'll mail order a frame if you want one too!!!  I think it would also look beautiful with an applique project :)

I am all packed and ready to head out to quilt camp
...can't wait to dive in and get some of my projects done!!  
Hope your Tuesday has a stitch or two in it!!!