Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!

The birthday celebration is coming to an end...I love that my birthday month ends with a Halloween celebration, LOL.  I love Halloween!  It is so much fun to see all the kids in their costumes!  Enzo loves Halloween also...so many visitors and he thinks they are all here to see him!!!

And so...I celebrated one more time with some girlfriends...I do believe they must know me, LOL!!!

I love this cup...I think if I had a group of minions 
I could get all my UFO's, WIPs and PIGs done!!!

I would like to make an addendum to this sign and say
...relax, we are all crazy quilters
...it is not a competition!!!

I finished the birthday gift for my sister and am just about packed for the next adventure!  And, just to let you know that I have good candy at my house for those who Trick or Treat!!!


  1. I would love to have some minions too - especially if the tidied up after me in my Attic!

  2. You've always got you minion slippers and toque to keep you company.

    So glad you've had a great birthday month and was spoils so nicely.

    I hope you have a great adventure on your next trip and say hi to your sister for me it was fun meeting up with her again in July.

    Off to finish my fourth bunny so I make my deadline for the month.

  3. I usually try to avoid my bday, lol. This year it is the big one, but as they say, you are as young as you feel;)


  4. OMG! Love that apron! Happy Birthday (and Halloween)! :-)

  5. I love those Minions,too. I would love to see the movie, but my husband doesn't like those kind of movies. I guess I'm just a kid at heart!!!!

  6. Off to finish my fourth bunny so I make my deadline for the month.