Thursday, October 12, 2017

Embrace the Season

It is definitely Fall and although we didn't have much of a summer around here due to fires we are not complaining about the cooler weather.  It is the only thing that will damp down the fire and we are loving the clear air.  G and I decided to get one more camp trip on the book before winterizing.   In this area you have to winterize your trailer unless you plan on going south.  The next couple of month the Quilt Roadies will be traveling by plane :)

I love being on the road because I get so much stitching done!  The last block for my Giving Thanks by Buttermilk Basin  I have just about finished all the basic wool stitching and then a little fun stitching will begin!  Although I won't have it hanging up this November the top will be done!!! Alleluia!!!

We had a great time at the beach and were able to meet up with Grammiecrew and her husband for a little happy hour dinner :)  Plus, I fit in some time to visit Center Diamond Quilt Shop.  We decided to head home a day early because it rained all night and the next day forecasted more, along with thunderstorms.  We're glad to have made the trek over the mountain because we were surprised by snow on the ground!  It looked like it came down with a fierce wind because all the road signs were caked with ice and snow.  We could tell that they had drop lava rock on road for traction.

It is beautiful...but snow??? I am ok to wait another month or so...

So much has challenged our lives and hearts lately...
take some time to sit and stitch...
it is good for the soul.


  1. What a weird weather end to your vacation Anna. We had a freak hailstorm hit parts of the lower mainland along with a mix of heavy rain, light rain and sun yesterday. Weather in the west can be exiting!

    Are you family and friends out of danger in California now, what terrible devastation.

    May you have clear smokeless skies to enjoy the changing season and enjoy the colours it brings.

  2. We had a blizzard last Monday and more snow yesterday. So interesting to hear you say they put lava rock on the roads as we use a sand/salt mixture here. Love reading your blog and look forward to each Quilt Roadies video

  3. Sadly it is time to winterize, we have to do it too. I really want to go camping and have a long fall, lol. Can't believe there is snow already, we are cool, then hot, can't make up its mind. That is a beautiful piece, I love her designs.


  4. SNOW!!!! Was just reading that it snowed in 2009 here in Maine on OCT. 13. It can't snow here; don't have my flower beds cut back yet. Your wool piece is very nice. Of course, one cannot go wrong with anything from Buttermilk Basin. Enjoyed the Center Diamond Quilt Shop video last night. Thank you for sharing. Because of you and Gee, I see parts of our beautiful country that I would never see otherwise.

  5. Rain, lovely rain here in the valley. Everyone is remarking about the smell of fresh, clean air and the welcoming crispness in the air. I hope your sister's home is OK...

  6. I have started prepping that pattern and man, lots of pieces. I thought I had all the letters traces and cut out, but sure could not find them tonight to press down. Ugh. It's a fun one to do. Seems so early for snow...hope it's not an indicator for many more days