Thursday, September 7, 2017

What is the Center of Your Universe?

As we plot our way home and have been thwarted by fires on so many of our previously chosen routes I really long to be with those who are the center of my universe.  G and I decided to head to Belle Fourche where they have built a beautiful park in honor of the Geographical Center of the Nation.  The actual center is in a private field in the area but the monument was a wonderful stop.  We laughed at dinner last night how surprised we are that we have discovered so many wonderful things to see in South Dakota.  Somehow this state has never come up as a vacation destination in the media.  And, in fact we were told by a quilt shop owner that 90% of their vacationers are from inside the state or immediately surrounding the state.  After this adventure I would highly recommend South Dakota as a place to their quilt shops rock!

In the monument park there is also a walk way bordered by all the state flags.

This road trip has not provided a whole lot of stitching time...sightseeing, quilt shopping...yes...but not making much headway on all those projects I prepped, LOL.  I have been cross stitching on this Prince of a guy for baby Silas.  Because of the fabric I have been using a hoop which is a little different for me.  He sure is cute!

It is so hard to believe that my oldest grandson is off to Kindergarten!!!!  How time flies!  The back pack almost looks as big as him, lol.  Yes...I feel a pull towards home and family but we still have a few more stops along the way.  We have a stack of video that still need editing and have met some wonderful people along the way.  The quilt shops have not disappointed and I know you will enjoy viewing those!

There has been so much loss in recent weeks...cherish your life, keep stitching away, pray for safety for those in harms way.


  1. Oh my gosh he's getting so big! Love the grin on his face all ready to rock and roll to school.

    Sorry to hear of the challenges to get home that the fires are making. One of our big ones has grown again. Fingers crossed that the rains predicted tomorrow and Saturday come and provide some relief to all.

  2. Safe travels on your journey and on your way home 😊

  3. I'm confused...isn't the picture of your "oldest" grandson the younger of 2 boys in Portland?? Doesn't matter really but he sure is a cutie! Safe travels.

  4. Your grandson is such a little cutie! They are so fun at that age. Hope Sisters isn't as smoky as it is in Helena. You might want to prolong your trip just to enjoy smoke free air! Many days we can't see the mountains for all the smoke. So the days we can, it almost like a celebration. It's been like this for over a month. Possible rain showers next weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed!