Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Tourist Time

G and I have been packing it in the last few days and we have been enjoying every moment!  It is kind of funny because just like people assume Oregon is all wet...I thought S. Dakota was all plains.  So it was a surprise to be in pine forests that reminded me of back home!  I guess that is why travel is so important and if you can't travel then watch travel shows...because what we all thought about a place is probably not completely true!

I so enjoy new experiences and this adventure had certainly been that!!!  This time of year the National Parks are filled with people from other countries...and, if I had to pick where the number one visitor has come from...I would say...Germany! 

We could not pass up the Woolly Mammoth Dig Site in Hot Springs, South Dakota!  Even if they spelled Woolie wrong, LOL.  It is an actual dig site where piles of bones of not only the mammoth were found but their predators.  They believe because of the massive amount of bones that were found that it was a sink hole that swallowed them up because they also found fish bones.  An incredible place to visit and watch the work being done.

Since I have not been getting as much stitching done because of all the fun stuff we have been doing I thought I would punish myself by buying a new pattern to add to the pile of things I want to get done, LOL.  Isn't it adorable!!!  2 different ways to make a table runner!  I can't wait to get home and start this one :)

Hope our stitching friends in Texas are safe and sound, we have heard many stories on the road as some Texans traveled north...and, for those stashes that are starting to smell like smoke...I hope they are starting to  air out again.


  1. Love the picture of you, G and the big Guy! So much to enjoy in South Dakota. Love the Badlands and Wall Drug.

    Enjoy your new sights along the way as you wind home.

  2. Loved the "Wollie Mammoth" exhibit...such a great shot of all of you.....and, a new great UFO.....classic Anna lol ....😀

  3. And that Buttermilk Basin stitchery is really great !!!😊

  4. Oh nooooooo! Just when I thought I was making progress thinning out the pattern stash.... along comes Anna with another GREAT find for a "must stitch"!!! lol! Enjoy your travels!