Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Home Sweet Home

I know the great thing about traveling is seeing new places,  meeting new people and having new adventures...but, don't you think the best part of traveling is coming home????  There is a cadence to life at home that is so secure...and like that TV show Cheers...everyone knows who you are warts and all, LOL.  

When you settle back into the norm of life it is the little things that make it so comfortable....you walk into a grocery store and you know right away without asking what isle the Tofu on, LOL.  Parking lots are a no brainer because you tend to park in the same spot without having to decide.  And,  you aren't surprised when you get somewhere without a conscious thought!

And although I love visiting new quilt shops there is a comfort in shopping in "my" quilt shops.  On the top of my list was checking out the Gallery display at Quiltworks.  I had thought they were going to discontinue this event so was pleasantly surprised to find a September exhibit hung.  The group exhibit was variations of a favorite block...the log cabin.  I hope you enjoy the show and stay tuned for the featured quilter who is a friend of mine...that slide show will be on The Quilt Show Daily Blog next week!

Enjoy and thank you for stopping by!

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  1. Lovely slideshow Anna. So happy to hear that QuiltWorks hasn't stopped their shows. They do such a wonderful display each time I've seen it in person. Please say thank you to them for continuing on this tradition.

  2. I enjoyed the quilts and the music. Thanks!