Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Counting My Blessings

The absolute best part of quilting is the friendships the grow with each stitch.  And as with quilting...when traveling you have to be flexible!  G and I had every intention of heading home through Montana...and visiting a few more National and State Park.  But, last we heard there were in excess of 70 + fires burning in Montana which meant a change in direction.  Although disappointed I couldn't stay sad for long because the new route would take me through places where I could visit friends!  It was so lovely sharing a margarita with an 'ol stitch buddy Twilene who moved from Bend about 4 years ago!  We did a little shop hop which will be in a future Quilt Roadie video :)

...and as luck would have it I had an opportunity to spend some time with a long time social media friend.  The thing about social media is you share photos, jokes, stitching...the ups and downs of life and you may never physically meet.   So when I had a opportunity to spend some time with Sandie I jumped at it!  And she was so sweet to share time with  me while her daughter was visiting!  I have long admired the creativity that Sandie has...not only quilting, stitching but all kinds of crafts!  She runs craft workshops in Twin Falls, Idaho called Paisley Ink!

I was hoping to take a workshop with her while in town but it just didn't work out...but, she was so wonderful to gift me some of her creations which I immediately found a place for on my hearth!

3 little pumpkins all decked out in their Fall finery...and boy does it feel like Fall outside!  Thank you Sandie for you friendship and your wonderful creations!

As I sift through the mail so many wonderful things have been discovered...an early birthday present  from my friend Sandi in BC was such a surprise...and oh do I ever like it!!  Sandi was the one who turned me on to Quiltfolk magazine which is like the National Geographic of the Quilting World, lol...by the time I jumped in the first issue which featured Oregon was no where to be found.  But, thanks to Sandi I now own a copy!!!  And these license plate were spot on...I am going to start creating something with my favorite license plate this winter!!!  Thank you Sandi!!

yep, I count my blessings and am grateful for the 
wonderful stitching friends in my life!