Thursday, September 14, 2017

Blessings Along the Road

I can't help but spend time reflecting on what a blessing it is to be living during this time.  Anytime I get homesick for family or stitching friends I am only a text message or email away.  When I think about how strong my mother was to have moved to a foreign country...not knowing a soul and sending letters that would take 3 months to reach family...I realize it is a waste of time to whine!

We took a little break on the road...and for us that means staying 2 days in one spot.  It allows G to work on editing and Enzo to make some friends.  Here they are greeting new arrivals to the campground, lol

I had the most enjoyable time visiting with the gals at Village Dry Goods and you are going to go GAGA over that Quilt Roadie Video but, it is still a few weeks down the line on the editing table.  We did get a recommendation to have lunch at Maddox Ranch House.  I have to say it is a challenge to maintain the vegetarian life style in the Midwest.  When you cross over into Wyoming there is a big sign that warns you...Wyoming, The Beef State!  But, for a variety of reasons I made the choice, #1 being that I finally acknowledged my family gene pool...maybe, it was about time I faced up to it.  The thing about being vegetarian is you still have to work hard at eating healthy or you could eat a dozen eggs and cheese and call yourself vegetarian.  I have been 100% Vegetarian on this Quilt Roadie Trip mostly because we cooked in the trailer.  But, occasionally we wanted to go out and for G who likes an occasional steak it was a nice break.  Maddox was amazing...claiming they raise and cook the best steak around the chef worked hard and developed a Vegetarian Steak consisting of shredded veggies and topped with grilled vegetables.  Awesome!!!  It was wonderful to have an option!

I am really tickled that I got the bottom half of my cross stitch done!  Now onto the top half!!  I am feeling good about getting this 25+ year old project off the "to do" list!  

Enjoy the beautiful Fall weather...the colors are changing along the road reminding us that another season is upon us :)