Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Little Engine That Could...

Phew...have we ever been on the go!  The Colorado adventure was a blast and so much to share on the Quilt Roadies as G works his way though the hours of editing that is ahead of him.  In the meantime I am doing a little catching up myself...we left Cherry Creek State Park which was amazing...headed into Nebraska and are now in South Dakoda!  I have been stitching away on a cross stitch project and it is going to be can check it out on Anna & G On The Road

The Quilt Show was an wonderful adventure not only from a quilting perspective but also from a productions aspect...which I will share more of in future blog post and videos.  Let me just say...I have NO IDEA what was involved in taping a season of a show.  G and I just go along our happy way and video...he does some editing...and we press load.  WOW...the crew involved in this production are artists.

All done in front of a studio audience!

Around the studio as back drop are quilts owned or made by The Quilt Show family and I fell in love with a quilt from Alex Anderson's collection.  

I just love the ric rac around the center and was tickled when Alex demo's how she will make these circles!  love love love how sweet it is!

Hope you are all staying safe...especially those in Texas...although the smoke at home has been horrible there have been no structures lost and we hope by the time we make it home the fires will be fully contained!


  1. What a happy looking quilt with some fun colours to keep the rick rack company. Hope G was able to get some behind the scenes video to share.

    Enjoy your visit in South Dakota, I recall a lovely Quiltshop in Speardish called the Dakota Quilt Company. My paternal grandfather and grandmother almost settled in Minot North Dakota, what a different life I would have had.

  2. Hope you enjoy visiting South Dakota. So much to see and do in an around the badlands. My husband is from the Aberdeen area of South Dakota and we lived there for 4 years after we were married and then moved to North Dakota. We bought lake property near Webster, SD and when we retired, we made it permanent residence for a couple of years before moving to Tennessee. Now we live in Winona, MN and therefore, I can say I am a true Ota-ite having lived in all three Ota states. By the way I was born and raised near Indianapolis, IN and I met my husband in Kansas City while working for the Kansas School for the Blind on a blind date of course. Funny how life turns out sometimes.

  3. What a wonderful experience and that is a beautiful quilt.