Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Road Running Days....

G and I have been running around like crazy Road Runners plotting our next Quilt Roadie adventure, organizing and packing...and, in between getting in some Silas times :)

I am really excited about  the experience of witnessing the recording of a live show...The Quilt Show.  They are recording an entire season, 2 shows a day for 5 days with an audience!   I have never been to a live show recording so this is going to be fun!  And I hear that a certain someone...moi...will be on a small segment!  I will be demoing  a couple of wool stitches :)

We actually had a couple of smoke free days...and then a new fire started :(

A friend shared a new BOM by 
OMG...tempting :)
...a combination of Sashiko (I love) and Wool!!!!

Hope you have fun stitching today...me, I will be doing laundry, organizing and figuring out what I want to work on while camping!