Thursday, August 17, 2017

Eclipse Mania

OMG...I get has been 99 years since a total eclipse has gone from coast to coast...but it is crazy out here!!!  G and I are heading to the next season taping of The Quilt Show and there were more people heading to Central Oregon than leaving!  NASA has designated that Madras has the perfect location and weather for viewing this celestial phenomena  and everyone and his uncles is heading to Central Oregon while we have been making a Bee Line east and south!  We barely got a spot to camp for all the people traveling to see the eclipse!

We have been putting the pedal to the medal trying to get as far from the craziness as we can waving from the truck to quilting friends as we passed through their towns.   And, finally today pulled into American Quilting in Orem Utah home to Under the Garden Moon some of my favorite patterns!  Check out the Quilt Roadies videos soon for a nice tour of the shop!  Of course I couldn't pass up Lori Holts latest book!!!

Although there is nothing I can do about it I feel somewhat sad to be away at home when so many of our community is on Level 2 alerts because of a lightening fire that started 2 days before we left.  I thought for sure it would be under control because it is so close to a subdivision in our community.  But alas Mother Nature kicked up the wind and now it is out of control.  Keep my community in your thoughts and prayers.

Bee Kind, Bee Generous and Bee Hopeful