Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Choices, Choices...

No, I didn't make either of these quilts...but, I am trying to decide which of these 2 quilts I want to make next???  I feel the countdown of the next Quilt Roadies and my quilting brain has been swimming with choices.  I know I have lots of handwork to prep but on these camping adventures I like to pre-cut any machine sewing pieces.  Both of these are from the Red Button Quilt Co. I really do love all these patterns.  Can you tell I am getting excited!!  I also am working hard to finish a quilt for my grandson...because it is one I started on a previous Quilt Roadie trip and I want at least the top done before we head out again, lol...you know...just to make myself feel good.

I just finished this book and it was highly entertaining....a good mystery to be solved by Hieronymus Bosch.  So if you like a good detective story you will like this one :)

May you Bee Happy, Bee Generous and Bee Stitching


  1. I like the pumpkin quilt, looks like a fun one to make. I need to get in my room and figure out what i have sitting around that needs to be finished, too much, I am sure, lol.


  2. I agree with Debbie, I like the pumpkin quilt but know you are already working on a few Autumn themed pieces. The red and white one looks like a Christmas/winter themed one without being too Christmasy. So I guess it's your choice!

  3. I like them both too. I have a couple of the Red Button kits to make too. Instead of working on something I had started I decided I needed to make the Elizabeth Hartman dogs in sweaters quilt. Finally got all but the borders cut out. I'm making it for my son out of his Dad's shirts. It will be a fun memory quilt for him. Hopefully he won't think it's too juvenile but he loves dogs so hopefully he'll like it. Good luck on choosing the "right" pattern! (Is there a wrong pattern? I think not!)

  4. I love Red Button quilts! You can't go wrong with either
    of them. They're both adorable! Pam

  5. I really like the pumpkin quilt, but, I love fall quilts and I also like the red one. We are really not much help here are we. We are closer to fall than Christmas, so I would lean that way I guess. Also another thought came to mind, was if it was me, I would want to work on the red one at home with all the small piecing to do. I am sure that you sew strips and then recut them to size, but, I would want my larger cutting space for that. That's me.

  6. Here's my 2 cents. Cut both if you have the time. I spent a week in my sewing room; Cut one day, drew lines as needed the next, and so on. This week, one of the preped quilts is done and started on the next. I say, go for it all! :)