Thursday, August 24, 2017

Chit Chat...

Well I can't say I missed the traffic back home following the Eclipse.  Although the traffic looks horrible, for the most part the Chicken Little hype proved to be over blown.  

I was sorry to see this note taped to the door of It's Sew Moab...we missed this sweet shop this time around but hit the road before it opened back up.

I have been enjoying the daily photos of Silas that my DIL sends me!  I can't believe we have only been gone a week and he has changed so much!!  I know that Enzo is going to be disappointed that Silas was sitting on his bed and he didn't get to sniff the little guy :)

I have been doing a bit of wool stitching...working away on my Thanksgiving wall hanging...more to share soon :) We have been hitting the road each day looking for the next spot to camp overnight...soon we will arrive in Centennial, CO.  where we'll stay for a few days and maybe I will get some sewing done,. LOL  Have a great stitching safe.