Thursday, August 24, 2017

Chit Chat...

Well I can't say I missed the traffic back home following the Eclipse.  Although the traffic looks horrible, for the most part the Chicken Little hype proved to be over blown.  

I was sorry to see this note taped to the door of It's Sew Moab...we missed this sweet shop this time around but hit the road before it opened back up.

I have been enjoying the daily photos of Silas that my DIL sends me!  I can't believe we have only been gone a week and he has changed so much!!  I know that Enzo is going to be disappointed that Silas was sitting on his bed and he didn't get to sniff the little guy :)

I have been doing a bit of wool stitching...working away on my Thanksgiving wall hanging...more to share soon :) We have been hitting the road each day looking for the next spot to camp overnight...soon we will arrive in Centennial, CO.  where we'll stay for a few days and maybe I will get some sewing done,. LOL  Have a great stitching safe.


  1. Saw the huge traffic line up heading north out of Portland Or post eclipse. A friend went to Casper Wy and took14 hours to drive 250 miles back to Steamboat Springs Colorado. No thanks to that idea!

    Silas is getting big, I'm sure Enzo is missing him along with G and you.

  2. I cannot believe being stuck in that traffic, planning on some camping the next few weeks, but staying close to home. He is so cute and they do grow up fast, Alex is walking now and quite the handful but he is such a happy little guy.


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  4. Enjoy Centennial .... if you get a chance, visit Holly's Quilt Cabin ... i was there last year and it is a very nice shop! Love your blog and YouTube channel.


  5. My daughter drove to southern Illinois with her boyfriend from Northern Michigan. When coming home, went 11 miles in 2 1/2 hrs before freeway speed sped up to 30.